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TWERK is a small social enterprise, based in Herentals, Belgium. Our goal is simple: to make people happy.
Our chocolates bring happiness, not only to those who taste them, but also to those who make them.
Our employees are people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They thrive in our workplace that offers them a fitting occupation, a fair wage and the tools to live a meaningful life.
At TWERK, our employees are not limited by their ASD. They are chocolatiers.

Chocolate as a service

In 2020, TWERK processed over 19 tonnes of Fairtrade chocolate: 200.000 Easter eggs, 120.000 Saint Nicolas figurines, 50.000 speculoos biscuits, 35.000 bars of marzipan and 5.000 kg of the finest Belgian pralines.
We tailor our chocolates to your needs: TWERK has the skills and the equipment to print your logos and tag lines on pralines, creating a unique and extra special gift.
We can even customize our boxes’ design for those very special occasions.

Fair and square

TWERK employs 30 people diagnosed with ASD. They are treated with respect, appreciation and receive fair wages. In the same way, we feel the many cocoa farmers in the South should deserve sustainable jobs and fair wages. Therefore, we process only the best and most strictly certified cocoa ingredients.
TWERK is Fairtrade ambassador for the Herentals Municipality and is certified as a 100% Fairtrade manufacturer. This is quite unique for an enterprise of such a modest scale.
We expand this mindset in as many areas as possible. As an example, in February 2021, TWERK installed solar panels on its rooftops: another great addition to our quest for sustainable and fair chocolate, for fair people.